Biomechanics of Golf

Use this book as a reference book for coaches, players and associations. How should I rotate? What balance should I have for a chip shot, etc? How do my axis of rotation operate for a sloped fairway etc? And we dispel current fault ridden theories. 

Available soon.

Biomechanics of Cricket

Understand the biomechanics of the on-drive, fielding, pace bowling etc. We bridge the gap between scientists and sportsmen, make sense to both groups, and dispel current fault ridden theories. This book is for coaches, students, administrators, in fact, everyone.

Movie Book, $8.00

How to Teach Tennis

This movie book, is for coaches. The 10 week course takes beginners, intermediates, and advanced students, child/adult to a relatively professional level and they feel what its like to be a pro, 10-20 week programs, each week explained clearly, step by step, and their own before and after portfolio, video analysis and statistics. the analysis is passed back and forth to our office for critique and supervision. The coach guides his coaches and players on court. Groups of 4 or less are taught weekly, with practice homework, given, as well. The student also receives a video reference book. The Coach receives %50% and Sport Biometrics receives 50%

Movie Book. Video Download. $470 per student

How to Teach Golf

This book, for coaches , has the same  procedure as the Teach Tennis book, but with golf content.

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How to Teach Cricket

This book, for coaches. guides groups of 4 or less, beginners, intermediates, and advanced students, child/adult to a relatively professional level. The coaches will take them through a grueling mindful journey, monitored my sport biometric before and after analysis.  Feel what its like to be a pro, Bat like Steve Smith, Bowl like Shane Warne, field like Rick Ponting, etc. This 10 week programs is especially ideal for primary school children, so that they don’t get into any bad habits. The biomechanics of cricket book comes included. 


50% for Coach, 50% for Sport Biometrics

Injury Book

A ‘case study’ of many clients, with injuries, and how they were treated to recovery, via investigation, analysis, biomechanics, and physiology.

Book, $170.00


Uses Brad Langevad’s  favourite biometric scientific method, starting with the answer and working back through the questions, in doing so, developing a simple, quick and revolutionary easy method to get off to speaking English, Chinese, German, and Russian, all at once, in just weeks, but start immediately, and building on that with time. I would be disclosing the ‘answer’ if I say too much, but the clue is in the title, so buy the book!

Movie Book Download, $170.00