Sydney University 
BSc Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Computing, Vertebrate Physiology, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Genetics, Biostatistics, PhD Cell Development

BSc Mathematics, Educational Psychology
Austin Peay University, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Tennis Scholarship, BSc Mathematics, Educational Psychology
Jefferson State University, Alabama, U.S.A.

Tennis Scholarship, BSc Mathematics, Educational Psychology

Scientist, Mathematician, Lecturer, Inventor, Teacher, Biomechanist, Physiotherapist, Sportsman, Writer, Artist, Artarmon School for Gifted Children IQ 170, Mensa
World Ranked Touring Tennis Professional, now, World Ranked Veteran

Research Scientist for Department. of Agriculture, N.S.W., Australia:
Genetical Research, DNA Shotgun Splitting Techniques
Developed a Swine Erysipelas Vaccine for a crippling arthritis in pigs caused by the Erysipelas bacteria. Biochemical Nutrition Research

Rumen Bacterial Enzyme Kinetics (digestion in sheep), Statistical Research on Body Angles in Sporting Actions, initially Tennis, Golf and Cricket. Invention and Development of the Sport Biometrics Split Screen System Computer System for analysing movement

Sport Biometric System highlighted in over 300 countries on internationally renowned TV shows Beyond 2000, How Do They Do That, CNN, BBC, Sky Sports, followed by numerous radio and TV interviews, e.g. Good Morning Sydney and 2KY Sports Radio. Development of Efficient, and Injury Free, Sporting Models.
Consulting Pat Cash, Andy Murray, Greg Rusedski, Glen McGrath, Wayne Holdsworth, Stuart Clark, Geof Lawson, David Capel, Robin Smith, Peter Beard, Rod Wishart, and many more