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“Brilliant, genius, the best in the world at his job” – Pat Cash

With over 30 years experience in professional coaching and consultation for a range of sports, Brad Langevad has a wealth of knowledge that can assist people on any skill level. The secrets to improving, injury proofing your body and achieving your best.

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Expert Coaching

Brad’s professional coaching experience includes, but not only; Fasts Tennis Academy York Tennis Club, former RPT Biomechanics Advisor, RPT International Professional and LTA coach.

Brad Langevad is a man of science. He has degrees in biochemistry, genetics and physiology and has one of the highest registered IQ’s in Australia.

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Published Author

Brad Langevad applies his knowledge and interest in a range of published books. Topics ranging from biomechanics, professional coaching to medical science, learning languages and much more. New projects to also be published soon.

You can view the titles of the books available from Brad Langevad with the link below. All titles are available for purchasing, please contact us for any more information.

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Tennis Serve Analysis $700 with 3 Follow Ups at $200 each that must be used within 6 months.

All other Tennis Shots, Cricket, Golf, Other Sports, $500 with 3 Follow Ups at $150 each.

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