Brad Langevad – Injury Guide Videos

Another world first, from the gifted mind of Brad Langevad. Step by step instructions, videos, for pain relief, from head to toe, and a prevention guide to prevent the pain from returning.

Are you fed up with the thousands of dollars, thrown into the wind, for physio? Do you feel that you have been kept in the dark about your injury/pain, Brad’s method has a 100% success rate. Become relieved from pain, in the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace.


Magic Brace

Adaptable & Unbelievable. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Fixes all bodily injuries eg back knee elbow feet & re-aligns the body for maximum performance / efficiency of all actions eg golf swing, tennis serve, lifting, driving, hairdressing, office work. Will include a free consultation via skype, qq, gmail, or email.

”I didn’t believe it possible, I have been spending money on physio for years. It’s amazing, and especially, at my age, to have my elbow, knee and my tennis game, rejuvenated within 2 weeks”.
Gordon Watson, Scottish Tennis Coach, Glasgow.

You will be required to fill out a questionnaire, emailed to you prior to the personal consultation, for example, where does your golf swing, backhand fail you, and or lifting/forehand hurt etc, childhood injuries and so on. With the completed  10 question, non personal, but full privacy, locked away in our files, questionnaire, you will be required to send a @ 45 degree pic, png,  jpg, of your action at contact, of stroke, lift, cut, run, walk, bend, as below pics, and then you finalise by booking a preferred date and time for your individually personalised consultation.

Special 2018 Offer (Normally $270 USD)
Magic Brace, $130.00